Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pony's Beauty Diary

I'm a fan of beauty tutorial. I always try to find any kind of beauty tutorial on Youtube. I just watched Pony's Beauty Diary on televison and suddenly in love with her tutorial. Like I said, I try to find her Youtube channel and I found it yeay! If you are interested as I am you can watch her here . Her real name is Park Hye Min. Since she's a Korean, almost (or maybe should I say all of) her beauty tutorial is inspired by Korean makeup. In my opinion, it's easy to try. I hope you will like it :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Quick Post: Maybelline Crayon Liner - Brown

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you are fine. It's cold in Jakarta. The rainy season really makes this city frozen a little bit. I send my deep condolence to Manado. I see so many bad news around my country about this flood and I hope you stay strong people :) Today post is about my current eyeliner and it's Maybelline :) let's check it out!

Mine is brown. It looks like dark brown when you apply it.

What They Say : It doesn't clump and smooth.

To Me : Maybelline Crayon Liner is easy to apply. I'm not a huge fan of eyeliner as I can't apply eyeliner well on my eyes. The texture is really smooth and doesn't hurt my eyes. It also easy to clean. Maybelline Crayon Liner also lasts quite long for me. Happy to try guys!

What do you think about Maybelline Crayon Liner? What is your favorite eyeliner?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Lavender

I know in some countries it's still winter season and in my country is in rainy season. The rainy season makes Jakarta really bad. Flood everywhere. But there is no wrong if I talk about deodorant. You can talk about deodorant anytime right?! (like you will always need it). When it comes to deodorant I prefer to powder and aerosol (spray). I don't like roll on, stick, gel and lotion deodorant because most of them left yellow marks. It makes my tops look very ugly. I love Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Lavender because well let's read my review :)

So sorry these photos look dark. 

What They Say : Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Lavender is the original cooling, refreshing, soothing powder which effective in relieving itching, prickly heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather. To be used after bath as an antiseptic and absorbent dusting powder. Scent of lavender makes you fell fresh and relaxed. Proper for daily use in family.

To Me: Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Lavender is not a new thing for me. I have used this ever since my last year in high school. My high school's friend introduced this brand to me. I love how it smells, yeah it's lavender. The most important thing is Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Lavender doesn't leave any yellow marks to your tops. The scent is not too strong but it calms you. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Lavender also gives cool effects when you are sweating. It's good right? It doesn't give you any body odor if you are sweating. It saves your day! I use Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Lavender as my deodorant even they don't make any statement that you can use this as deodorant but it works for me. It also affordable! I bought mine for less than Rp 20.000,00 for 150g. It's cheap right? You can find this at Lotte Mart, The Food Hall, Hari Hari or any other famous modern marts near your home. I love this product!

What do you think about Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder Lavender? What is your daily deodorant?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin

First post in 2014 woohoo! Okay, it's too late perhaps. My New Year was simple nothing special. I was at home, watching tv, eating snacks and going to sleep. See nothing special right? My resolutions are I want to get a job like OH PLEASE! I haven't heard anything from my last interview and that was suck. I feel like waiting in vain. My second resolution is I want my blog has 1000 followers in the end of 2014 (amen). Then, my etc resolutions are hmm I want to continue my study, build my own clothing line, buy the things that I want lol and continue my dreams haha. Right now, I want to share about my hair treatment. Schwarzkopf was the new thing for me but it was love at first sight. I loved this hair mask since the first time I used it, in fact this is my third purchased. 

For very damaged, dry hair. Actually mine is normal but it goes well on my hair.

It has the same texture like common hair mask or conditioner.

What They Say : Repairs extreme hair damage with proven results: Re-builds the hair structure - for up to 95% less hair breakage. Intensively care for hair. 

To Me : Schwarzkopf  Extra Care Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin makes my hair really soft! It smells like coffee and very sweet. It makes my hair shiny also. No more dull hair. I used Schwarzkopf  Extra Care Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin once or twice a week. It's a lovely hair mask. I think you should try this one. It easy to apply (just like you use your hair mask). The scent stays for quite long time to me and because I love the coffee scent so it's not annoying me.

What do you think about Schwarzkopf  Extra Care Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin? Have you tried them?