Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lancôme Exfoliance Corps

Holla friends! It's good to be back again, how are you? I hope you are fine. 2013 is almost over and I still get no job. It's truly sad for me actually. I really hope I will get a job before the end of the year. I already applied to many companies but haven't heard any good news. Yesterday one of the companies was called me, offered an opportunity. I hope I will success this time and hear good feedback from them. Enough about my story let's check about my favorite thing. This post is about one of my favorite high end brands. Yup, it's Lancôme, do you love them as much as I do? 
It's Lancôme Exfoliance Corps. I really want my skin to be soft, smooth and looks radiance. I have tried some local brands but most of them dry really quick when I apply on my skin and too harsh until I need to mix them with my massage oil. Then fortunately, my aunty gave Lancôme Exfoliance Corps to me as a present when I visited her. I was extremely happy because yeah you know I don't have enough money to buy this now lol (and in Indonesia Lancôme is expensive). Read the review below, yeaaay!

Do you spot those something like orange brownish things?
small scrubs and blends well
What They Say : Lancôme Exfoliance Corps. Detoxifying body scrub, smoothing-toning-radiance. All skin types, even sensitive. Innovation by Lancôme laboratories, a unique combination of active ingredients gives optimal exfoliating results:

  • Lotus extract with anti-oxidant properties to trap free radicals on skin's surface
  • Apricot seed powder to remove dead skin cells
  •  Willow bark extract to stimulate cell renewal
Indulge in a sensorial texture that melts into delicate foam.
Ultimate skin results: intensely purified and invigorated, skin is astonishingly smooth and radiant. It's the perfect first step in your skincare routine. For use in the shower, two to three times a week.

To Me : First let's talk about the packaging. The packaging itself is way so simple. It's all about white and classic embossed Lancôme rose prints. The idea of squeeze tube doesn't bother me although I prefer to something in a jar. Unfortunately, the packaging doesn't show something which is high end brand because it's so simple for something high end brand (I think so). Lancôme Exfoliance Corps has small scrubs with apricot seed (I assumed that orange brownish things are the apricot seed). The texture itself is creamy then quite thick. The scent smells quite strong but it doesn't annoying me because it has quite same smell with Trésor (I think so). The small scrubs is helpful, it doesn't  irritate or harsh for my skin (it doesn't show any red marks like my regular body scrubs with larger scrubs). The creamy texture is not sticky when I apply on my skin, surprising me. After I rinsed my body and let it dry. I feel my skin really soft, smooth and the quite strong scent is getting vanish and leaves something gentle scent. I need to use Lancôme Exfoliance Corps regularly to see the best results. As my first experience with Lancôme Exfoliance Corps, I really love it. Their formula is really good to me and it makes me wanna use again until the last drop. Can't wait to use other products from Lancôme xoxo

Tell me how do you like Lancôme products :)


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