Monday, February 17, 2014

Fragrance Buddies

Hi guys! How do you do? I'm good. I can't go out from my home without perfume, I'm a person who will always love perfume lol. My all time favorite are YSL Parissian, Anna Sui Secret Wish and the list goes on. So sad, I never bought the full size of them. But hey cheers! I have some of my collection at home. Here they are, let's read :)

From left to right : Elizabeth Arden Green Tea (100 ml) , Esteé Lauder Pleasures Exotic (100 ml), Marks & Spencer Florentyna , and Escada Rockin Rio.

Well I think I don't have to put 'What They Say' part okay?! lol let's skip to 'To Me' part :)

To Me: 
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea (Eau Parfummée, 100 ml) : I REALLY LOVE IT! I have used it since I was in high school so it probably six years ago. This one I got from my best friend. I only used in special occasion. It lasts quite long to me.Like all of the perfume packaging Elizabeth Arden Green Tea has glass bottle. It has the famous green tea leaf picture on the bottle, with the crystal clear green color. The scent is not too strong. It soft and warm.

Esteé Lauder Pleasures Exotic (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml)  Marks & Spencer Florentyna (Eau de Toilette, 100 ml) : Hello floral scent fans! So sorry I have to put them in the same part! Esteé Lauder Pleasures Exotic has stronger scent than Marks & Spencer Florentyna. It also a little bit spicy for me. The packaging is simple yellow box with floral pattern around the box. The scent of Marks & Spencer Florentyna is a little bit sweeter than the Esteé Lauder Pleasures Exotic and not spicy. The scent also not too strong. If you are a floral scent fan you can try this one. Marks & Spencer Florentyna has simple pink bow with pink floral pattern around it. Both of Esteé Lauder Pleasures Exotic Marks & Spencer Florentyna have transparent glass bottle. In Esteé Lauder Pleasures Exotic you can find the emboss floral pattern.

Escada Rockin Rio (Eau de Toilette, 50 ml) : It smells so sweet! (yeah literally sweet). It is like something you want to drink lol (but don't!). I love this! I really really rarely to use it since it is limited edition and quite expensive haha! The packaging is attractive. From the box, you can see that Escada has color blocking theme. There's a picture of a girl had fun in the glamour of the night (match with their perfume name 'Rockin Rio'). The bottle also has the same color of the box. They put the tiny glasses and pink ribbon. Uber cute! I never been to Rio but I think their perfume gets the representative of having party in Rio. The scent, besides the sweet yummy smells, it also fresh and match with summer!

What do you think about them? What is your favorite perfume?

P.S: Guys I'm so sorry I cannot take any pictures of the bottles. It's hard for me to find the good angle.

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